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Profiles FAQ

Information displayed in Faculty Profiles cannot be modified from within Faculty Profiles, but most of the information can be modified through the Faculty Qualifications system.

To find your profile, search for your name in the Faculty Profiles system, then click or tap your name in the search results.

There is a limited amount of customization available for Faculty Profiles. Please read below to find out what customizable features are available.

What is included in my Faculty Profile?

  • Biographical and contact information
  • Faculty research interests
  • Faculty statements and personal biography
  • Faculty vita information such as publications, grants, and service
  • Awards and honors listed in Faculty Qualifications

What is the information source for Faculty Profiles?

The information contained in the profile comes from the Faculty Qualifications System. Visit the Faculty Qualifications System to edit your information.

What will be displayed?

  • Biography and Education, Teaching Interests, Research Interests
    • These narratives will only be displayed if you add information in the textboxes located in the Biography and Expertise screen in Faculty Qualifications.
  • Scholarly/Creative Work
    • Only publications with the status of Published or Accepted / In Press will be displayed.
    • Only creative works within the Fine Arts section with the status of Completed will be displayed.
  • Awards
    • All awards, regardless of status (Recipient, Nominee) will appear unless the individual activity has been hidden.
  • Grants
    • Only grants which have been funded will appear.
  • Service
    • All service activities will be displayed unless the individual activity has been hidden.

What is the benefit of Faculty Profiles?

This service allows faculty to search for common interests, topics, and opportunities to help foster research and collaboration. This will also be a public profile, thereby allowing others outside the university the ability to search for the same information and collaborate with the university.

What citation format is being used in my profile?

The system currently displays information in APA citation format. Other citation styles are forthcoming.

Who can see my faculty profile?

All faculty, staff, students, and visitors who are interested in learning more about faculty here at Texas State will be allowed to view your profile. Faculty may choose to opt-out of the service by submitting a request form. All requests are approved or denied by the Provost's Office.

How often will my data be refreshed? When will I see my changes?

The system updates data every hour.