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General Questions

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  • 1925 is the default placeholder year that our Data Entry Specialists use when no year is given for a particular activity on your vita. There are also default months and days carried over from the previous ePortfolio system, when the status field required that information.

  • Academic degrees are loaded directly from Faculty Records. What you see in Faculty Qualifications is what Faculty Records has on file as reflected in your transcripts. Please contact Faculty Records with questions or concerns.

  • The Annual Review Report will only display activities that fall within the year under review set by the report parameters and any presently ongoing activities.

    The Texas State Vita Reports will display activities that fall within the years you set in the report parameters and any presently ongoing activities.

    If you have a question about which year or date to enter for a specific type of activity, please direct these questions to your Chair, as preferences may vary across departments.

  • Some categories in Faculty Qualifications are auto-populated from other systems used by the University and cannot be edited. The following is a list of categories with areas that cannot be added to or edited in Faculty Qualifications:

    • Personal and Contact Information
    • Administrative Data – Permanent Data  I  Texas State Yearly Data
    • Workload Information
      • Workload information is loaded from Banner.
    • Education
      • Degree information is loaded from Faculty Records.
    • Scheduled Teaching
    • Texas State Vita – Version A
    • Texas State Vita – Version B (with Fine Arts)
    • Annual Review Report
  • It is possible that during the data entry process, your Data Entry Specialist left in unnecessary punctuation when adding your information. The reports in Faculty Qualifications are coded to include the correct punctuation for each citation style available, therefore it is not necessary to include this punctuation when entering your information. This can be edited and removed from your activities saved in the system.